Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

David made some valentines for his friends at school today. We had alot of fun! Victor glued everything in sight and Patty covered herself in marker mainly just on her chest. Needless to say they all had to take a bath right after. I was so proud of David, he wrote all the names of his classmates on each valentine. Crafting with three children under the age of four is exciting!

more of the spring/summer line

New things for born again clothing

First of all I am so excited to finally have a blog! thanks to my sis who walked me through it last night. When I started born again clothing it was very part time and I was doing small custom orders on etsy. A while back I decided to start working with a company by the name of peacock republic. Erin is the owner and she makes a great variety of organic soaps.

I am designing a clothing line for peacock republic which will be sold in a few boutiques. I am very excited and will post any new info along the way. I will continue to add new stuff to my etsy shop! I do love etsy and making on of a kind clothing.